ByteX Launches Telegram Group: ByteX Discussion Official

ByteX is elated to announce the launch of the official Telegram group for the global community; “ByteX Discussion Official.”

ByteX Discussion Official

In order to expand globally, we have created social media avenues so that community members can interact seamlessly while being connected to the latest ByteX news and developments. Our latest addition in terms of avenues for communication is the “ByteX Discussion Official” telegram group.

Steps to Join ByteX Discussion Official

  • Open your ByteX account and go to your profile.
  • Open the Account Settings of your ByteX account.
  • Click on the Telegram Id tab and paste your Telegram id.
  • Use the same telegram id used while pasting the link to your telegram account settings to join the group.
  • Upon raising a joining request, the group admin will approve/reject the telegram id depending on the community guideline.

Why You Should Be Join ByteX Discussion Official

By joining the group, the ByteX community members will have opportunities to:

🌎 Connect & discuss with the global community

🏆 Participate in exclusive events

💬 Be part of AMAs with the core ByteX team

💰 Participate in creative competitions & exclusive Airdrops

📢 Receive instant updates about launches, events, and announcements

We would like to invite our global ByteX community and the wider crypto community to come and join us on the journey towards soon-to-be launching Zero Collateral Crypto Loans and trade, borrow & earn with ByteX.

Kindly note: ByteX Discussion Official is an approval-based group and users can be a part of the group only with admin approval. This is done in order to keep a secure and safe space.

For updates, news, announcements, and other information about ByteX, you can also subscribe to our Telegram channel here.

About ByteX

ByteX is a licensed & regulated CeDeFi platform operating in Canada, the European Economic Area, and India. Being a KYC-verified platform with compliant DeFi architecture, ByteX aims to bridge the best of both worlds and redefine the crypto credit infrastructure with transparency.

The platform will soon offer zero collateral crypto loans to institutional & individual borrowers using a blend of machine learning-based Credit Rating Systems. The aim is to address some of the prevalent issues within the existing lending-borrowing ecosystem, such as over-collateralization with crypto assets, which keeps a lot of credit-worthy borrowers from participating.



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Risk Disclaimer

Nothing in this email/Post/Bulletin should be considered investment advice. Cryptocurrency trading markets are volatile and can change rapidly. All opinions and analyses are of the authors, not (Bytex). Please refer to Bytex risk disclosure at

Keep up the investing spirit.

Team ByteX



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