ByteX Post Event Collision 2022

🇨🇦#CollisionConf 2022: ByteX under representation of @Robert Blaze (CEO) and @Sayan Roy (COO) is returning after meeting with a pool of amazing talents, global citizens and investors. 🔥🥂

Did we mention we met Batman? Taking a Byte(X) to be Batman!

Everyone who dropped by our booth and anywhere else during the Collisionconf, we loved meeting you all, connecting-reconnecting and exploring synergies around meaningful conversations. 💭🗣

Among innovations and conversations with diversely talented people ByteX made strategic Relationships with @Coinsturn, @London Real, @Phaze, @Michael O’Connor (CFO, @FunFair Technologies), @Secure Digital Markets, @Canadian Blockchain Consortium among others. ✅❤️

🤝ByteX is still open to partner with #experts and #investors. Drop a comment or DM.

📩In case you prefer mail, we are at



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