Collision-ByteX “Specific to Exhibition Day”

Collision 2022 by Web Summit is considered the “Olympics of Tech.” ByteX will of course be there and represented by Robert Balazs (CEO), Sayan Roy (COO) & Devrup Mitra (ABM).

Drop by to meet us on the exhibition day.

When? June 22, 2022

Where? Stand #B2218, Exhibition Center

We will be looking forward to ‘Collide’ with you for collaborations, strategy discussions, ideation or even conversations about topics such as crypto lending and borrowing. If you spot us, simply drop by to say hello, we won’t Byte(X).

You can also drop a mail at to discuss more.

About ByteX

ByteX is licensed & compliant in jurisdictions of the European Union and Canada. ByteX offers an array of crypto services to its users such as crypto Line-of-Credit and borrowing against their digital assets being the pillars of ByteX. Join ByteX to Trade,

Let’s connect to explore synergies.



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ByteX is zero collateral crypto loans CeDeFi platform based in Canada and catering to both institutions and individuals globally.